1Mill Finish Plain Aluminium Coil


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Mill Finish Aluminium Coil
A layer of PE plastic tape, to protect the panel surface from scratch or damage. The thickness and sticky standard are various upon different supplier.   Color coating   By function: PE & PVDF. PE is used for interior, with 10 year life-long expectancy; PVDF coating, with resistance on UV, acid and alkali, is more suitable for exterior usage, with 15-20 year guarantee.   By color/pattern: solid color, metallic color, brushed finish, mirror finish, marble pattern, wooden pattern.   Aluminum skin   AA1100 and AA3003 are standard, other series are optional upon specified order.   Polyethylene core   By color: White PE core and Black PE core; By function: Normal PE core, unbreakable PE core and fire-rated PE core.
Application: Advertising Board, Curtain wall and ceiling, PCB base plate, reflector, name plates, advertising board, decorated wall, air contioner (Aluminium fin stock, Hydrophilic fin stock), pre coating, industrials and other applications.

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